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The GNOR PAC was formed by Republicans in the Greater New Orleans Area to elect candidates and advocate for public policy that supports free enteprise; a favorable business climate; public safety; preservation of local culture; and limited, transparent, honest and efficient government.  The organization discourages division by race, class or geography in an effort to cultivate a better community for all.  


GNOR PAC endorses qualified candidates for office including candidates running statewide and in the Greater New Orleans Area.




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GNOR PAC Endorsements for October 14, 2023

GNOR PAC endorses the following candidates in the October 14, 2023, election:


Governor - Jeff Landry

Lieutenant Governor - William "Billy" Nungesser

Secretary of State - Nancy Landry

Attorney General - "Liz" Baker Murrill

Treasurer - Scott McKnight



State Senator, 1st Senatorial District - Robert "Bob" Owen

State Senator, 8th Senatorial District - Patrick Connick

State Senator, 9th Senatorial District - J. Cameron Henry Jr.

State Senator, 19th Senatorial District - Greg Miller

State Senator, 21st Senatorial District - Stephen Swiber

State Representative, 23rd Representative District - Shaun Mena

State Representative, 37th Representative District - Bill Wheat 

State Representative, 57th Representative District - Shondrell Perrilloux

State Representative, 74th Representative District - Peter Egan

State Representative, 76th Representative District - Stephanie Hunter Berault

State Representative, 85th Representative District - Vincent E. Cox III

State Representative, 89th Representative District - Kim Carver

State Representative, 90th Representative District - Brian Glorioso

State Representative, 91st Representative District - Madison O'Malley

State Representative, 92nd Representative District - Joe Stagni

State Representative, 94th Representative District - Stephanie Hilferty

State Representative, 103rd Representative District - Mike Bayham

State Representative, 104th Representative District - Jay Gallé

State Representative, 105th Representative District - Jacob Braud

Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)

BESE District 1 - Paul Hollis

Jefferson Parish    

Councilman at Large Division A - Ricky Templet and Jennifer Van Vrancken
Councilman at Large Division B - Dominick Impastato
Councilman District 4 - Arita Bohannan
Councilman District 5 - Hans Liljeberg

Orleans Parish

Judge Criminal District Court, Section I - Melanie Talia

Plaquemines Parish

Sheriff - Gerry Turlich
Assessor - Sara Taylor

St. Bernard Parish

Parish President - Kerri Callais 
Councilman at Large Eastern Division - Wanda Alcon
Councilman at Large Western Division - Gillis McCloskey
Councilman District A - Patrice Cusimano
Councilman District B - Josh Moran
Councilman District C - Carly Jackson
Councilman District D - Ryan Randall
Councilman District E - Amanda Serigne Mones

St. Charles Parish

Parish President - Matt Jewell
Clerk of Court - Lance Marino
Councilman District 3 - Webb Jay
Councilman District 5 - Michelle O'Daniels

St. Tammany Parish

Parish President - Greg Cromer
Clerk of Court - Melissa Henry
Sheriff - Randy Smith 
District Judge, 22nd JDC, Division A - Larry Frieman
District Judge, 22nd JDC, Division B - Tara Ferris Zeller
Council Member District 1 - Patti Ellish 
Council Member District 2 - Larry Rolling 
Council Member District 4 - Kathy Seiding 
Council Member District 5 - Pat Phillips 
Council Member District 8 - Chris Smail
Council Member District 9 - Mike Smith
Council Member District 10 - MO O'Brien
Council Member District 11 - Arthur Laughlin
Council Member District 12 - Jerry Binder
Council Member District 13 - Jeffery "Jeff" Corbin 

Terrebonne Parish

Coroner - Patrick D. Walker
Council Member District 3 - Gerald Michel
Council Member District 7Daniel "Danny" Babin
Council Member District 8 - Barry "Soudie" Soudelie
Council Member District 9 - Steve Trosclair

*     *     *


GNOR PAC encourages and promotes development of the Greater New Orleans Area through support of electoral candidates and advocacy of public policy that discourages division by race, class or geography. GNOR PAC supports: free enterprise; a favorable business climate; public safety; preservation of local culture; and, limited, transparent, honest and efficient government.

GNOR PAC endorses qualified candidates for office, including candidates running statewide in Louisiana and in the Parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, St. Tammany, St. Charles, and Terrebonne.

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